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Fast Charging Car Wireless Charger
Fast Charging Car Wireless Charger
Fast Charging Car Wireless Charger
Fast Charging Car Wireless Charger
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Fast Charging Car Wireless Charger

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Say goodbye to charging cable chaos and hello to the future of convenient charging on the go! Introducing the S11 Car Wireless Charger – where smart sensor technology meets speedy charging, creating a driving experience like never before.

🌈 Key Features:

1. Smart Sensor Magic: Experience the magic of automatic retractable clips with a 20-times stable upgrade. Simply place your phone, and watch as the holder securely embraces your device for a hassle-free charging experience.

2. Core Quality Boost: Charge at full throttle! The S11 boasts a 70% increase in charging speed, ensuring your device gets the power it needs, and fast.

3. Happy Smiling Face LED Light: Let your car charger brighten your mood! The creative design with a happy smiling face LED light adds a touch of playfulness to your driving space.

4. Convenient Installation: Enjoy easy setup with the silicone bracket and free rotation feature. Find the perfect angle for your device with a quick and hassle-free installation method.

5. 360° Rotation Freedom: Your comfort, your way! The S11 is not limited by angle – rotate it 360 degrees to choose the perfect viewing angle for a comfortable and safe drive.

🔧 Specifications:

  • Product Name: S11 Car Wireless Charger
  • Type: Vehicle Support
  • Model: S11
  • Applicable Model: Universal
  • Input: 5V 2A/9V 1.67A
  • Output: 10W/7.5W/5W
  • Output Interface: TYPE-C
  • Color Options: Red, Black, Yellow, Blue
  • Product Size: 7.213.510 cm
  • Packing Box Size: 17611 cm

📦 Package Includes:

  • 1 * Car Wireless Charger
  • 1 * Air Outlet Bracket
  • 1 * TYPE-C Cable
  • 1 * User Manual

🚀 Why You'll Love It:

🔋 Speedy Charging: Say goodbye to slow charging. The S11 ensures your device gets the juice it needs quickly and efficiently.

🚗 Smart and Secure:* The smart sensor technology guarantees a stable grip on your device, keeping it securely in place during your drive.

💡 Fun Design: The happy smiling face LED light adds a playful touch to your car, making charging a delightful experience.

🛍️ Order Now for a Charged-up Drive!

Transform your car into a charging haven with our S11 Fast Charging Car Wireless Charger. Order now and let the magic of smart, speedy, and playful charging brighten up your drive! 🚗🔌✨